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Purple God

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1/8 oz - $40.00
1/4 oz - $75.00
1/2 oz - $140.00
1 oz - $250.00

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Purple God is a blessing from the heavens above, a gift from the creator himself to the medical patients of the 21st century. Dense, dark-green and a healthy level of “bling” make it impossible to touch this medicinal strain without your fingers getting sticky.

For many patients, she is a “one hitter quitter”, a strong, indica-dominant hybrid three-way cross of God, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk. Just like her effects, she smells and tastes strong, with pungent, skunky notes of soil and earth. She is especially great for evening use or right before bed as a nightcap. When asked if there is one strain you would take with you if eternally stranded on a deserted island, many patients would say God Bud.

31 Customer Reviews

  1. JK

    Not as purple as I remember but still excellent tree. This is beautiful cannabis.

  2. JK

    As the reviews say this fine specimen of Pot is really a treat to behold. This strain is very beautiful to look at being one of the nicest strains of weed there is (in my opinion), that is if you enjoy purps. Order with complete confidence if you’re looking for that one strain that only comes around once in a lifetime.

  3. SB


  4. AK

    ill buy this bud any day of the week @ 250/oz
    i feel guilty smoking this stuff because it looks so good haha thanks pc!

  5. SE

    All green I have purchased has been of good quality but I do think along with everyone else prices need to drop..

  6. TR

    Excellent bud!! Taste,smell,high is top shelf

  7. DD

    OMG purple god.. Super purple color, crazy coated cystals, flavor profile is earthy like.. Heavy hitter and top shottah imo.. PC please dont ever stop growing this strain.. Peace DD

  8. PL

    First off. This bud looks sooo good, you want to put it on your mantle, you almost don’t want to smoke it. ABSOLUTELY CAKED WITH CRYSTAL!!!! If you didn’t get your hands on this bud you missed out. My favourite hands down EVER!!!

  9. LB

    The smoke is so smooth and the taste is great. Big purple buds every time ! Well worth the price (250/oz)

  10. MK

    This “version” of Purple God (31% THC) is excellent! Head to toe full body buzz and long lasting. I am a long time veteran smoker, and this is definitely one of the best indicas from PC.

  11. EP

    Wow, super strong, super crystallized!

  12. MVDL

    When I started smoking in 1967, weed cost $25 an ounce. Then, in 1980, I heard about, then bought, an ounce of Gold Columbian for the outrageous price of $50 an ounce but after smoking half a joint, I heard bells ringing so I bought another ounce. I didn’t hear bells again until I tried heaven-sent Purple God @ 31% THCeethedoctor. I tried to buy more the next day but it was already gone…gone but not forgotten. Oh, sweet mystery of life…where can you be…

  13. SP

    Absolutely stunning! The color the texture the Crystal’s. It’s so perfect. It’s not and over powering taste but you get that weed taste. Love this strain!

  14. GJW

    This stuff amazes me every single time…… love it so much!! Big bang for your buck….. you won’t be disappointed!

  15. DD

    30% folks loving the quality everytime

  16. DD

    My #1 favourite potcargo is killing the Game

  17. KN

    Already on the next order another 1/2 for the gods
    Fell like I have a halo around my head WOW once again

  18. KN

    Just got mine 10 plus on this one need to order more Love PC

  19. AR

    Simply amazing, one of the best strains I’ve tried. The balance of god and purple together is something else, elevated yet at the same time relaxed. It won’t blow you off your feet in a way where your couch locked but its way better. 3-4 hours solid on one puff

    10/10 easy, worth the try my ounce lasted me two months

  20. PG

    This smoke goes all the way to 11. By far the best I’ve gotten from the cargo. Kicking myself for not getting a whole Z.

  21. MT

    This strain is so beautiful, it feels bad breaking it up to smoke it. But when you do…euphoric!

  22. KP

    Seriously the best stuff ever, this is my second review too. I just can’t believe it 10/10

  23. GG

    Delicious! I generally love purple weed and this did not disappoint!

  24. LB

    Wow, the smell, the taste even on exhale. Really recommend.

  25. DT

    New time customer very heavy daily user I was very impressed with the quality and the flowers size was great definitely re ordering

  26. JC

    Wow wa wee wa! VERY NICE!
    I wouldn’t call it a one hitter but it gets the job done. $250/ounce is expensive but fair, $300 is pushing it

  27. KP

    Wow!! This stuff smells so good and it hits like a freight train. I’ve smoked a lot of pot before, and this is the best I’ve ever had!!

  28. PR

    Dank shit

  29. GG

    Love this strain!!! Amazing taste, super potent.

  30. SF

    If you can’t sleep ROLL A JOINT

  31. SL

    Wow très bon goût
    Pas pour les débutants cas buzz fort!