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Green Crack God – 1 Ounce

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Green Crack God is an indica dominant balanced strain bred by Jordan of the Islands, who wanted to lighten up the heavy effects of God Bud with a high-flying Green Crack sativa. The indica and sativa parents work together to deliver a duality of head and body effects that lift the mood while relaxing muscles. Its buds take on a deep purple coloration toward the end of its maturation, especially when raised in lower temperatures.

39 Customer Reviews

  1. KB

    Excellent….Gives you the physical body relax one needs but also motivates you to get to those projects you’ve been procrastinating about…this is the best for seasoned smokers. Balanced instead of one or the other.

  2. MC

    Got some before they went for break, aswsome stuff. Day or night.

  3. SG

    GGC all day, every day! Def pick this one up while it’s on sale! Huge solid nugs and the smell takes over your house just opening the bag..Perfect burn and brings You to peace.. 10 stars!

  4. LB

    Good Choice

  5. LG

    Great to smoke during the day. Its help a lot. Buy it again in special ounce. Thanks.

  6. SM

    I’m most a sativa smoker because indica makes me always couch lock and feels lazy. 1st time order this one and boom you got totally blasted and functionnal all during the day !! Will buy again in special ounces for sure

  7. AS

    Great goldilocks strain!! Great for smoking during the day and night! Worth the price for sure.

  8. PM

    Very nice clean taste well worth the price

  9. TF

    Great product! Very nice taste and smell! The effects lasted longer than I expected! Packaging done right! Good looking flower as well! Definitely awesome over all! 5 Stars from me.

  10. JQ

    Awesome again

  11. TF

    2nd or 3rd time gettimg this kind. And will continue. One of my favorites. Taste is excellent

  12. RP

    Great bang for your buck, a very good daytime strain, uplifting, not too stony, great smell/taste!

  13. TS

    Great stuff

  14. MJ

    Amazing strain. Great taste and great smell. Overall a great smoke. The price is definitely right as well. Will definitely purchase again.

  15. TP

    Very nice stain, like a Sativa leaning hybrid. I liked the high with this strain, more on the Sativa side at first and then the Indica effects kick in..Nice!. The high lasted for a couple of hours with no real burnout for me. Will definitely order this strain again!

  16. TT

    Fantastic buy. Can’t go wrong, you can smoke a little and easily function with a great head and body high or if your feeling like just sitting back and jamming some music, video games or just relaxing have an extra hoot or two and it will keep you happy in your seat.

  17. JG

    Killer bud, first order from PC and Im very satisfied and now gonna reorder. Thanks PC for a great deal on a wicked product.

  18. LR

    Awesome product, cured right, nice taste, long lasting high

  19. VM

    loved it

  20. BG

    I would seriously consider it more of a sativa based strain IMO. Nice full body effects but more energized IMO. While on sale a no brainer…. The 5 stars are a factor in the low price with the high quality.

  21. DMK

    Nice and strong head and body stone, best green for your green ratio I’ve seen, only reason its not 5 star is trimming as noted by other is sometimes a bit thick

  22. VT

    Immediately heady & lingering… Relaxes the body enough to help with sleep, and may be reducing the amount of headaches I get.

  23. ST

    Ho la la….. Intense!!! I love it!!

  24. FF

    Great strain, just need a little bit more time on the dry rack, but for the price is almost perfect!Peace blaze on!

  25. MG

    It hits hard and you really feel the god’s strain but the green crack sativa lineage gives it a nice eye opening-sinus clearing sensation. The deal is great and you should jump on it while it lasts. Regular 250oz. now 165!! Order shipped wed at 7pm from bc and got here (southern ont) friday, super fast. Great service, best site hands down and I’ve tried quite a few.

  26. JA

    Just got my first order :) Quality & Quantity is bang on !
    Will be a regular customer 😉 Thanks Pot Cargo 👍

  27. CN

    Excellent product!

  28. AM

    Gives lots of crystal, always getting me high. We are heavy smokers hasn’t let us down

  29. FM

    I love the price and the high was great.

  30. BW

    This is a very nice strain. Mild earthy flavour. Burns clean nice white ash. Not a very potent smell to it but it makes up for it with a one two punch TKO that is both uplifting for the mind and relaxing for the body. Got me pretty groomed for about 2-1/2 hrs. Can’t beat the price for quality!

  31. SP

    first time i try that strain the taste was good nice high

  32. SS

    just like it’s described it relaxes the body a bit too much for the mrs that it makes her sleep lol but i like the overall quality of it

  33. BL

    Surpassed my expectations greatly.Tasty,pungent odor and clean burning.Outstanding purchase more so when you consider the price.You won’t be disappointed.

  34. AM

    WOW !!! Clairement dans mon top-3. Le buzz te rends tellement joyeux au debut, tu ris à tout, puis après avoir ris, t’es tellement épuisé que tu te mets à flotter sur un nuage.

  35. AS

    Very subtle taste, good high for a chronic. No heavy burn out and also burns nice. I agree the trimming could be better but overall great stuff for a stoner that still needs to function

  36. BL

    Exceeded my expectations for quality.This is bombass weed.Great taste,pungent odor and clean burning.For the price,this is a bargain.You won’t be disappointed.?

  37. DS

    Great buds, fast acting!

  38. CG

    Nice flowery flavour when vaped, very nice full body hitting, good for insomnia, will definitely recommend, non chances to wrong with this one…enjoy.

  39. AG

    The description of this strain is on point! Tasty and nice clean ash but the trimming could be better