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Blueberry Triple OG

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Blueberry Triple OG, also known as Triple Blue, is an indica-dominant cross of the ever-popular Blueberry and the mysterious Triple OG. This strain’s terpene profile speaks to its lineage with sweet berry, pungent fuel, and floral notes. Blueberry Triple OG sits in the body, leaving the consumer laidback and worry-free. The slight euphoria also offers a touch of creativity, making this indica fun and functional at the proper dose.

6 Customer Reviews

  1. MF

    Been ordering this for the past couple years every time i see it in stalk.. Im on it like flys on shyt.. Youll love the taste the strong smell of berrys/skunk 5star its a dam good smoke

  2. MG

    Nice indica.. High is relaxing but no couch lock. Taste is outstanding.

  3. VT

    Very tasty, compact & dense bud; instantly calming head stone – but still have energy to be productive. Noticed it helped alleviate a couple of nasty headaches.

  4. FF

    Good high, very relaxing, taste and smell like blueberry till the end of the cone, sweet and fruity, realy delisious!

  5. KH

    Easy to function still, but still feel very chill :)

  6. VM