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Afghani Eagle – 3.5g

$85.00 $75.00

Price includes sales tax.

This product is temporarily out of stock.


This premium hash import is sure to take you to new heights.

12 Customer Reviews

  1. JK

    This hash is good but a little over priced. 60$ for 3.5 is more fair I believe. Considering the quality of Afghan eagle is 75% that of the Moroccan Hash you guys usually have. I much prefer the Moroccan hashish as it is 100% excellent while the Afghan eagle is 75%. If that makes any sense lol potcargo has the best products out of any online cannabis shop I’ve seen. Don’t hesitate to order. The herb and hashish is some of the best I’ve ever smoked and I’ve been smoking for years. Potcargo will *not* leave you disappointed.

  2. BML

    great product, would like to see an ounce price

  3. BW

    Kinda pricey,but a nice treat I would recommend. This hash may cause ‘80s flashbacks 😁

  4. TF

    Nice taste. Hard to crumble. Bit gummy.
    Mixed with gods purple crack or something there… was great. PASSSED OUT after lol

  5. BA

    Fantastic product. A little pricey but worth it if you can pick it up on sale. Rock hard and difficult to break up but worth the effort. I put a bit of this stuff into a Lindsay OG joint and was baked for a few hours. Loved the buzz. Wasn’t too overwhelming at first and lasted longer then I expected. Will purchase again.

  6. JT

    Very happy with the product.And the service also great.

  7. RC


  8. KA


  9. JO

    Great taste!

  10. AC

    EXCELLENT HASH !!!!!!!!

  11. KW

    never smoked 4 a few days and let me tell u, this n the lion , wow. few small blades of each and I feel great lol….

  12. MC

    Very high quality product. Taste is great and very potent. This hash is dense and harder to grind just as it was in the late 70’s A bit expensive but worth the money definitly

    A true 5 star product combine with a 5 star service!