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Sativa Capsules – 50mg THC (10 Pack)

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Regular strength THC capsules that most moderate edible cannabis users will find to be a comfortable dose for everyday use. While not recommended for inexperienced users, this dose will provide noticeable psychoactive effects including effective pain relief and other desired medicinal benefits without an overwhelming psychological high. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid varieties provide a greater range of effects to accommodate users needs, from energetic daytime use to more relaxing and sedative effects.

Cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with sativa cannabis buds and blended with cannabis oil for increased potency. Available in 20mg, 50mg, and 100mg (THC) dosages in gelatin capsules.

*10 capsules per pack.

10 Customer Reviews

  1. SL

    very nice stuff

  2. PE

    I’ve ordered these a couple times now. I love them. I find for me they take a while to kick in… but when they do, they are fun as hell! I’ve had the 20mg, 50mg and 100mg. These are my favorite. The 100s I really need to focus on what I am doing. These are a great psychoactive high, like the 100s, but a little easier to know what I’m doing and to handle. These are my go to dosage for a fun eve.

  3. SF

    You wanna get blasted? This is how you get blasted.

  4. RT

    Great Product.

  5. LC

    I am a heavy smoker, and these were more powerful than I was expecting. Glad I wasn’t going anywhere for the night.

  6. JP

    Great buzz…long lasting with nice peak…perfect dose but nice to have a puff to intensify

  7. AP

    I’ve tried this product for an extensive time and it provides a strong and durable high, usualy for more than 5 hours. 50 Mg can be a lot for starters so i recomend buying a weaker dose or freeze them and cut them in half (to lower the dose to 25 MG). Also it is very discreet, you don’t need any equipment and the smell is rather undetectable.

  8. CB

    I usually need to consume a lot of edibles/oil to feel anything and one of these was perfect. Five hours of bliss. Absolutely love this. WAY Better than the sativa oil I got elsewhere.

  9. LB

    Very awesome high for about 3 hours! Captain Awesome approved! Will definitely order again.

  10. FP

    Arrived today. Great product . Will order again