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Indica Capsules – 100mg THC (10 Pack)

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Regular strength THC capsules that most moderate edible cannabis users will find to be a comfortable dose for everyday use. While not recommended for inexperienced users, this dose will provide noticeable psychoactive effects including effective pain relief and other desired medicinal benefits without an overwhelming psychological high. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid varieties provide a greater range of effects to accommodate users needs, from energetic daytime use to more relaxing and sedative effects.

Cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with indica cannabis buds and blended with cannabis oil for increased potency. Available in 20mg, 50mg, and 100mg (THC) dosages in gelatin capsules.

*10 capsules per pack.


7 Customer Reviews

  1. RB

    oops…20mg should be good

  2. IH

    These are really good THC caps!! Took 4 for my first time eating edibles, and man was I messed up. If you’re tolerance for weed is decent then I Highly recommend this for moderate stoners 👌🏼

  3. CM

    1 is good but 2 are better.

  4. MK

    These are VERY potent little puppies – even for veteran long time consumers. Best to take (1) by itself (and don’t bother smoking/vaping/eating any other THC consumables along with it) or you could end up crossing that fine line between euphoria & nausea. (The 50 mg. version of these are more ‘manageable’.)

  5. CL

    Hard hitting capsules.

  6. CM

    These capsules work! Very strong effects. Started feeling after an hour and by the 2 hour mark, I was on the couch and couldn’t move. Looking forward to the saliva capsules next.

  7. SF

    Great THC. Very good.