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Shatter – AK – 1g

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A brittle, glasslike cannabis extract with a tendency to snap when handled. Shatter is named for its breakability, like broken glass, and is favored for its ease in handling while dabbing. It can contain up to about 80% concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids, and all the wonderful effects of each strain.

You can use shatter in a designated vape pen, dab rig or even mix it in with flower for an extra kick!

This Sativa-dominant strain is a fusion of Thai, Mexican, Afghani and Colombian varieties and has won many awards for its high THC content.

*Percentages may vary from those displayed on the product image.

2 Customer Reviews

  1. JG

    First product I tried from SS and was very good. Uplifting and tasty just like AK should be.

  2. DW

    Nice flavor. Very uplifting. Smooth. Nice head high.